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Using our Strategic Acceleration methodology, organizations often come to our Studio to help compress time in launching a new company, product, process, direction, or for team synergy. Tony Jeary is about getting RESULTS!  In fact, many people call him the “Results Guy.”  To effect major results, it means getting an entire culture on board. Tony takes a four-pronged approach to Strategic Facilitation.  These are:  Awareness, Skill Sets, Processes and Tools.

Awareness – Raising awareness to incorrect or outdated beliefs and eliminating “blind spots” is critical for gaining clarity on the current situation.

Skill Sets – Teaching skill sets to leaders and team members that will enable them to accomplish objectives

Processes - Utilizing proven processes built from best practices over the last 20+ years of working with some of the world’s best companies.

Tools – Taking advantage of Tony’s vast arsenal of tools to help effect culture change or building new tools specific to your needs.

For 20+ years, Tony has accelerated some of the most respected companies, unique high achievers and effective organizations the world over. Because of his extensive experience, Tony has realized that busy executives and their teams often need to go offsite to synergize their team and crystallize their direction.

Using our proven proprietary process, you will gain clarity of what your vision is/should be, determine the focus on high-leverage activities, and of course build a plan for taking action, or execution. To meet this need, Tony has created a unique facility, featuring the Strategic Acceleration Studio, on his park-like estate in the DFW Metroplex (conveniently located just minutes away from Dallas’ public and private airports).

The Strategic Acceleration Studio, in its stimulating, unique setting, combines the latest media technology with a library containing a lifetime’s worth of systems, processes and best practices.

Whether preparing and rehearsing for a speech or developing an accelerated business strategy, an experience with Tony in his Studio will be an experience to remember, and one that accelerates RESULTS immediately

Strategic Success Coaching is for the very top producers, corporate executives, or successful entrepreneurs who really want to take a strategic approach to designing a more successful life (aligning values, goal setting, efficiency etc.).

The contrast between an outsider and the insider reflects a basic truth: The closer we get to something, the less clearly we see it—we all have “blind spots.”  As the old saying goes, “It’s lonely at the top,” and that’s why Success Coaching is a very useful resource for people who carry the weight of responsibility for the entire organization.

Tony has had the opportunity to work with many professionals (CEOs, presidents, attorneys, CPAs, consultants, sales professionals, speakers, professional athletes and celebrities) from around the world. While he’s teaching, he’s learning and also documenting and building his business acumen and his business resources library.  His experience, combined with his resources, staff and distinctly organized facility, puts him in a unique position to personally coach people to a higher level.

Others Say It Best…

  • Tony you are like a magic pill to all whom you touch. No one works harder than you and you are truly a 100% guy who is all in.
    Peter Thomas Photo
    Peter H. Thomas
    Chairman Emeritus Entrepreneurs Organization
  • In the 30 years I have known him as both a demanding client and the closest of friends, Tony has proven time and again to be the absolute best at what he does; a man uniquely capable of lifting individuals and companies to the highest levels of achievement while driving increased performance and impacting bottom line results quicker than most can comprehend.

    W.P. “Buz” Barlow, Jr.
    JD, Gladiator in a Suit
  • Tony Jeary is a powerful resource to me and so many of my clients.. He is the top strategist in the world and can quickly give you clarity and focus about your business strategy.
    Tammy Kling
    Best-selling author and Founder of the Writer's Group
  • You literally accomplished more in less than four hours than I've ever seen accomplished in a two day strategic planning session and I've been in many of them. Steve and his people left with CLARITY and FOCUS. Their EXECUTION plan has been laid out and is underway.
    Jay Rodgers
    Founder, Track What Matters
  • Wow, what a difference a year makes! Who would have guessed the challenges we overcame through working as a team to gain Focus, Clarity and Execution on a highly accelerated timeline. Our stock alone is up 204% from last February.
    Burton Weis
    VP Human Resources USA Truck
  • I’ve been in dentistry for 30 years. I am a continuing education junkie and have heard hundreds of speakers over that time. From Zig Ziegler, Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, and Dennis Waitley to all of the dental gurus out there. I put you at the top of that list. Your honesty, warmth, and sincerity make your message real and doable. Thank you for sharing your inspiration, methods, and coaching in such a generous way.
    Now, it’s on to Clarity, Focus, and Execution.
    Fred Slete DDS
    Fred Slete, DDS
    Smile Source
  • Tony, It is rare that someone exceeds your expectations in the business world. You and your business are a tremendous model for success. You have exceeded your outstanding reputation for giving great value.
    Joe and Dawn Pici
    Pici and Pici
  • Tony, Great day. Tremendous! feedback about your session. Thank You. You made a big impact. I too look forward toward the relationship.
    Rich Geraffo
    Oracle, Senior Vice President Worldwide Alliances and Channels
  • You exceeded my level of expectations, we got to exercise a team dynamic that we normally don’t get to exercise, and we built a much more powerful team.  I see us being the envy of the industry and a company that others want to emulate.  This is a great first step in getting this going in that direction.
    Mike Gorey
    President Firestone, DP
  • You are obviously very dedicated to your work and not just as an occupation through which you can earn a living but as an avocation – something that calls you to utilize your skills and abilities to make other people’s lives better – almost like a ministry of sorts.
    Pat Jannausch
    Con-way Transportation